Desperados 3

Although Desperados 3 is the third iteration of the Desperados franchise, that doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t replay old concepts. You’ll find that the game excellently mixes conventional stealth strategy elements with the western features of the game. Not just that, Desperados 3 also gives players the chance to test their own gameplay. This experimental concept is complemented by a game-saving system. 

Desperados 3 uses a special saving system, holding the last three saves so you have a chance to come back and change your decisions. For those who are uncertain about how long their last saving has been going on, Desperados has a timer on the screen to announce the details. With the Challenge of Desperados 3, you’re likely to want to save it sometimes.


Dreams from Media Molecule will also formally exit Early Access in 2020. Theoretically, this is a computer game, but the game has been designed specifically for you to learn how to design games. Thanks to the Dreams toolkit, several famous PC games will appear during the year 2020. 

Dreams also demonstrate that they are not limited to game design instruments

Before that, composer Noah Cyrus posted a music video of the “July” song produced solely by this game. As can be seen, Visions can initially be targeted at game creation, but the artistic potential is boundless.


In the top 10 games for our PC, for those who want to try parkour while cutting their opponents like ninja robots, Ghostrunner is definitely the game you want to try. Studio One More Level and 505 Games created Ghostrunner to make players feel the coolest phases of the game. EDM-themed music and cyberpunk background, Ghostrunner seems to have been active in this mission. 

Perhaps the toughest part of the game is combat. In Ghostrunner, both the player and the opponent are killed in one attack. That makes much of the fighting phases more like a puzzle game than a hack-and-slash game. However, thanks to the ability to instantly replay and unique skills, players will experience a sense of satisfaction in overcoming challenging encounters.