Historically, Blizzard has taken its key games to handheld platforms including Diablo 3, so the World of Warcraft porting to PS4 or PS5 is entirely possible.

There is no doubt that World Warcraft is one of the greatest games of all time. Dozens of sequels, millions of players, and billions in World of Warcraft sales demonstrate the game ‘s value to the gaming audience. The curious thing, though, is that World of Warcraft is now only available on the PC platform, but has never crossed into other formats, such as consoles.

But that might be about to change, as a twitter user recently discovered some curious lines of code in a new World of Warcraft update that suggests that the hit game might soon be coming to PS4 or PS5. Next up. In specific, this news was reported by Martin Steward via Twitter. In his post, he listed that a recent update introduced controller support for the game-something World of Warcraft never needed in the past. The next tweet goes on and specifically shows that PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5 are consoles that support this source code.

Rumors of World of Warcraft controller help really had fans and gamers on the track

And the World of Warcraft game community manager “Kaivax” Jordan replied to the Blizzard forums.

As usual, none of these statements were supported by Blizzard, but these are simply personal views that the gaming world does not take too seriously. World of Warcraft Community Manager-Jordan listed the controller, but it’s the Xbox controller instead of the PS4 controller, as Martin Steward said. All of these comments disagreed with each other, prompting the World of Warcraft gaming community to chat for the last few days, who thought World of Warcraft might step foot on PS5, who argued that it was just an update. Only add a joystick to the video.